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Used Chevy Avalanche 4L80E Transmission

New transmissions were built by General Motors for the 1991 year of production. This included the 4L80E and smaller gear ratio designs. Different trucks and SUV platforms have used the four-speed automatic transmissions to achieve a balance of power. This website provides the place to buy used Chevy Avalanche 4L80E transmission inventory for close to a wholesale price online.

The internal code for all 4L80E gearboxes is M1. The exact gear rating can be different for each model produced although there are a total of five gears counting reverse. The manufacturing plant in Michigan has been the location GM has used to produce its updated turbo-hydramatic technology gearboxes for its fleet of motor vehicles.

Reliable Four-Speed Used Transmissions

Regardless of the published GM specs, current owners of the 4L80E transmissions know how useful these units are during vehicle operation. Chevrolet vehicles are not the only types that depend on the electronic torque system. The Hummer, Jaguar, Bentley and HD trucks built in the early 2000s have promoted the 4L gearboxes across the globe. A person researching the quality levels of secondary market gearboxes can still have a number of questions.

There are some aftermarket companies that offer six-speed edition of the 4L80E although this is not a GM standard. The transverse design does allow room for improvement although the OEM edition is still four-speed. People who rely on transmission rebuilt kits might benefit from an initial parts boost although an internal issue could still be present. Buying a certified used gearbox is the only way to ensure an uninterrupted usage period.

Documented 4L80E Transmission Problems

Like any modern gearbox, there are always minor issues that are discovered by truck and SUV owners. The Chevy 4L80E is no exception although all reported problems have been minimal. Because of the electronic torque, there have been problems with defective or destroyed solenoids. It is uncommon to find bad seals or lubrication issues when a gearbox is cared for properly.

Best Dependable 4L80E Transmissions Online

A parts buyer who is tired of shady retailers and no-name distributors offering what appear to be cheap prices on the web can find solace in PreownedTransmissions.com. All complete transmission assemblies have completed intensive examinations to assure they will be reliable. Apart from the affordable price, the long-term support offered along with a warranty is a bonus to Chevy parts buyers.

A toll-free customer number appears on this page as an additional level of support. A question pertaining to the used 4L80E gearboxes not answered directly on this page can be answered by calling the number for prompt support.