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Used Chevy Cobalt Transmission

GM marketed the Cobalt with multiple engines and several transmissions during its 5-year production period. Both sedan and coupe models were sold to the public in an effort to push new technology to modern car buyers. The compact motor vehicles are still going strong at General Motors and finding replacement parts does not have to be problematic for a consumer. Paying for a used Chevy Cobalt transmission will be cheaper here.

There are a minimum of 3 motors found in the Cobalt. This is important to know because the transmissions can be different. The turbo 2.0, L61 and LP engines each used a manual and automatic transmission. A person who is thinking of buying a gearbox to swap in a Cobalt should know the choices available and what to look for when buying a used assembly.

4-Speed and 5-Speed Editions Available

GM outsourced production in Italy through Getrag and Saab in order to produce the 5-speed assemblies found in the Cobalt between 2005 and 2010. These are often found as standard edition on the S/C and turbo motor combinations. Car buyers have always had the option of updating the smaller gearboxes to the manual units. Some people upgraded while others did not.

Likely the most requested type of Chevy gearbox for the Cobalt is the 4T45 build. This is the regular automatic edition that is the entry-level model. For people who cannot drive a stick shift vehicle, the automatic comes as a stock version. This model is available to buy as used on this website along with the performance 5-speed assemblies.

How to Buy a Transmission for a Cobalt

There are two main things to consider when purchasing an OEM or preowned gearbox for any Chevrolet vehicle. The first thing is to determine the budget. For people who have a lot of money, buying a new unit from a car dealership is usually a good choice. For the majority of people, paying about one-third of the retail price for a used condition assembly is the best decision.

The second thing to consider is what type of protection is supplied in the form of a warranty or a service plan. Since there are companies that only drop ship inventory, a used Cobalt transmission for sale might only come as is with no warranty. Exploring the mileage would be the final thing to consider.

Prices for Used Automatic and Manual Gearboxes

To obtain a low price, sometimes people have to call a company and wait on the phone while someone finds a retailer that can compete for a lower than retail price structure. A better method of searching is offered on this car parts website. An immediate discount price is supplied when entering the year and model of a Cobalt that will be swapped with a used gearbox.