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Used Chrysler A470 Transmission

A470 is the option code for a Chrysler transmission. This assembly was used in most K-series platform vehicles built after the year 1985. It is an automatic controlled unit. There are three gears not including the regular reverse gear. A consumer who is shopping for a used Chrysler A470 transmission online can buy one here.

The A series gearboxes were first built back in 1981. This was the year that big changes were in effect at the Chrysler company. A new class of luxury, passenger and minivan vehicles were being designed. Complete control over the powertrain was to be given to the 2.5 I4 and the A470 transmission.

Cars Using the Three-Speed Gearbox

It is hard to imagine having only three total gears for driving. The vehicles in the 1980s were all about gas mileage. By taking away one of the gears, a better ratio of MPG versus torque could be achieved. Most of the cars were only able to reach 85 MPH.

You can install the used transmissions that sell here into the following automobiles:

New Yorker

The entire Dodge and Plymouth fleet were all using the A470 as the main assembly at one point in time. Just like with any mass produced product, there were some issues that were addressed in Chrysler dealerships. Auto owners could easily have expensive repairs if one of the gears slipped or oil was not changed.

Warranty for Chrysler Parts

You get a warranty that we active for you here. PreownedTransmissions.com always handles the support for the public. What you will order is something we have taken out of a clean and respected junk yard. One of our staff performs the overview to provide the written guarantee that we make to you.

After the policy is activated, you are covered for a three-year term. Within this time frame, should OEM parts not work correctly, we are willing to accept a return or fix the issue for you. We are not a company that has repeat warranty control issues. The product control measures we have enabled helped us increase our name brand.

Buy Used A470 Transmissions

Now you know what we sell. You are not paying us to rebuild the assembly. You are getting an approved and certified model. Nothing else is implied. When you understand and agree to the terms of sale, get your full price quote on this website. Use our finder tool to match your K-Series engine type.

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