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Used F3A Automatic Transmission

Mazda used its F3A transmission for the first time in 1981. The classic CLC vehicle was the first installation that was presented to vehicle buyers. Through a partnership with Ford, more people began to realize the quality of a Mazda gearbox. Buying a used F3A automatic transmission is easy using this second hand resource.

The first Ford installation of the automatic F3A gearbox took place in the Mercury lineup. The Tracer was one of the vehicles that benefited through the use of the 3-speed version. A more modern version of the F3A can be found inside of the Ford Aspire. The difference between the older and newer units was the torque converter clutch.

Mazda F3A Gear Ratios

Since there were only 3 gears used by Mazda, the ratio gearing was fairly simple. There is a reverse gear that is configured as 2.40. The first gear is set to 2.84. The second to 1.54. The third to 1.00. This setup was exclusive to motor vehicles that were powered by four-cylinder motors. The Festiva, 323 and MX6 each used the same transmission and engine setups.

The lowered ratio of gearing is not found on Mazda or Ford vehicles that include a larger displacement motor. Because the F3A has been discontinued for production, there can be a lot of out of stock messages that are found by consumers seeking inventory on the web. The complete units for sale here are ready to ship nationally.

F3A Mazda 3-Speed with a Warranty

There is plenty that can go wrong with an outdated gearbox. While Mazda built its components to last a long time, there is still special care that must be given during operation. The sealing rings and turbine shaft can be weak or missing in some used assemblies. Buying an automatic that is in complete condition is the best way to purchased a used gearbox on the web.

PreownedTransmissions.com supplies what might be the only long-term protection policy with every sale to the public. This coverage does protect most bearings, ring gears, pumps and oil pans from failure. OEM parts can be notorious for failing at the wrong time. There are aftermarket rebuilding kits available although these do not take the place of a transmission warranty.

Second Hand F3A Mazda Transmissions Sale

A reduced retail price is what people visiting this website will find. The complete Mazda company inventory can be researched here. All manual and automatic brands that were used in Ford and Mercury vehicles are listed. By choosing the make and year of every vehicle, the process of calculating a price is started.

Since every displayed price already includes shipping costs, there are no additional freight charges to buy a swappable F3A gearbox. Faster deliveries and better warranties are always supplied to people use buy from this website in the U.S. The listed toll-free number is an optional way to expertly match a vehicle ID number to an F3A used transmission.