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Used Ford C6 Transmission

The C6 is a Ford transmission that used only 3 speeds. The intention of building this unit was to provide a lower gear ratio for larger motor blocks. Starting in the mid 1960s, Ford named its C6 a selectshift brand. While there are no new units being produced, a person can still buy a used Ford C6 transmission from a respected dealer like PreownedTransmissions.com.

There are 17 pan bolts found in the standard C6 design. This was the process for many years until the smaller updated C5 was introduced in the mid 1980s. Production finally ended in 1996 although the E4OD took over where the original build left off. Ford knows how to build quality gearboxes using reliable parts. This is a huge benefit for someone who will swap an automatic gearbox.

Big-Block Engine Compatible C6

There are a lot of V8 and I6 engines that have been used directly with the gearing of the C6 Ford transmission. The Bronco, F-Series, Mustang and Thunderbird vehicles have all used the simplistic 3-speed with bigger motors. One disadvantage in the original C6 design was the completely mechanical controls. Before magnets and solenoids were used to control clutches, everything was built to conform to mechanical parts.

The good news for a person who will buy a used automatic gearbox is that complete assemblies are available. While some people choose to buy rebuild kits to spruce up an older unit, it is usually cheaper just to purchase a second hand C6 for installation purposes. Since these are reliable units, there is still a lot of good years that can be taken out of the OEM models.

C6 Used Transmissions with Warranties

Since the C6 is no longer produced, there could be a lot that goes wrong with the internal parts. It is a hassle to use mail order companies to find tiny parts to fix problems with OEM installed components. A better strategy offered at the PreownedTransmissions.com company it to include a component warranty plan along with every gearbox for sale. This improves customer service and support.

Drag racers and car builders often prefer to swap the C6 with a good condition unit for use in street or track racing. Since the C6 assembly can be modified, it is one of the most cherished designs offered in the past 40 years. Purchasing a secondary market unit through this resource will satisfy most needs of buyers who seek out classic Ford transmissions for sale.

Cheap C6 Ford Used Transmission Inventory

Building the perfect hotrod or fixing up an older Ford Bronco will be simple with an original transmission. There are no modifications or additions in the assemblies for sale here. A true OEM build that includes all required parts is available. The prices that are supplied to customers includes the cost of freight for USA shipments.

To go along with the warranty and shipping promotion, a one-click system of price exploration is available here. Accurately choosing the Ford model year and vehicle make will produce the on sale prices that PreownedTransmissions.com is known for nationally.