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Used G5M Transmission

A lasting partnership between Ford Motor Company and Mazda did result in some of the best automotive parts used in vehicles in the United States. While some auto companies prefer to rely on an automatic gearbox, Mazda peered into the future and created its 5-speed edition. On this website, a person can buy a used G5M transmission for sale and have it shipped to any part of the country.

History of the G5M Transaxle Gearbox

It was not until the late 1990s that Ford-Mazda started heavily swapping parts and technologies. While vehicles like the Probe were already becoming outdated, new versions of the Escort, Laser and Milan minivan were taking hold with consumers. There are multiple gear patterns on the G5M making it one of the best performance gearboxes produced in the past several decades.

The key to the success of the transaxle manual transmission is the ease of installation. Unlike a unit that is automatic, there is little disassembly that has to be made to swap a Mazda transmission effectively. The 5-gear ratio that is featured in the G5M edition was used across sedan, SUV and passenger vehicles.

G5M Transmission Upgrades Available

Ford has always created technology that could be improved by a car tuner or car restorer. There are third party upgrade kits that are sold nationally that a person can buy to update a used Mazda transmission. While there are minimal enhancements that can be made, a person swapping out a bad G5M gearbox with a certified unit might find that a preowned transmission is a much better option.

OEM Versus Rebuilt G5M Transmissions

When an OE unit cannot be purchased from a retailer, some car owners have searched the remanufactured market for a unit. There are some companies that charge high fees to completely rebuild a G5M-R or G6M transmission. There is a huge price difference between obtaining one that is certified used compared to one that has been rebuilt using brand new components.

One element to consider before a purchase is made for any brand of transmission is the warranty that is attached or sold separately. The future potential for something to go wrong or a problem that is hard to diagnose is a lot higher with high mileage gearboxes. Buying from a reputable dealer that supplies a warranty at no charge is something to keep in mind.

Where to Buy Used G5M Mazda Transmissions

Right here on this website, a person can perform a search that will return all current stock levels for Mazda-Ford based gearboxes. These units have been screened and evaluated before entered into the system. This provides assurance to every buyer that what is displayed is compatible for the average swap.