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Used GMC Savana Transmission

The second hand auto parts market is an excellent resource to find a quality GMC vehicle parts replacement on the Internet. One problem with this approach is the inability for a person to evaluate the actual assembly quality received before an order is shipped. The Preowned Transmissions company sells GMC Savana transmission inventory to a broad customer base. What can be located using this resource is some of the best unit pricing available.

Did you know that no less than four gearboxes have been used since the 1996 year in Savana vans? GMC started production on the Savana vans in the mid 1990s and immediately prepped two main gearboxes to function as part of the powertrain. The production in the earliest years of the GMC vans was based around the use of V6 motors. Changes were made and now newer technologies are used.

Four Transmission Types for GMC Savana Vans

The 1500 series is the base model van that GM sells as the Savana. The first engine installation into these vehicles was the 4300 Vortec. A 4L60E transmission was always to go-to gearboxes for the six-cylinder motor configurations. When GM changed the V6 to a V8 motor, the 2500 and 3500 vans started offering the 4L80E. This was to help conform to the heavy-duty requirements of using the largest V8 engines available in gas and diesel.

The 2003 year was the first installation of future upgrades for the GMC and Chevy vans. While the exterior was changed, the platform was also changed to the GMT601. This provided new engine types that required a change in transmission. For the first time in 14 years, General Motors started offering six-speed gearboxes in place of the trusty four-speed in the earlier Savana vans. The base four types of gearboxes that exist as second hand units are offered for purchase online.

How to Overcome GMC Savana Transmission Problems

Problems have been reported by some van owners with the electronic transmissions types. The E series 4L60 and 4L80 require specific maintenance intervals. Changing out the fluid with genuine brands is always recommended. A person who is going through the search process due to a faulty gearbox can overcome regular transmission problems by choosing quality inventory. PreownedTransmissions.com now includes a warranty program for buyers.

Prices for Makes and Models of Used GMC Transmissions

The excellent finder on this auto industry detail page can introduce the announced lowered prices for all used inventory in the GMC brand. It takes mere seconds to review how little it actually costs to buy a gearbox from a professional seller. A simple one-step quote tool has been added for 24/7 access here. A direct buy price is included when gearbox type and year are provided in the accessible warehouse search engine on this page.