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Used Honda Pilot AWD Transmission

The Pilot by Honda still reigns supreme for its vehicle quality. Part of what makes this motor vehicle special is not only the crossover appeal. The expertly designed and manufactured components that make up the drive train have helped Honda to excel since 2003. A used Honda Pilot AWD transmission is for sale on this resource to provide an affordable solution for second hand gearbox buyers.

The real strength of the Pilot transmission comes partly from the 3.5 J engine series. This SOHC motor is the latest installment of the variable timing (VTEC) technology at the Honda Motor Company. Between the early 2000s to 2015, two different AWD automatic gearboxes were featured in the Pilot. New innovation is now propelling the crossover series into unchartered territory. A brand new 6-speed gearbox is now one option that sport utility vehicle owners have access to purchase here or from another dealer.

5-Speed, 6-Speed or 9-Speed Used Transmission

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to building transmission assemblies is one thing Honda has done better than most auto companies. The AWD 5-speed that is featured in almost every Pilot produced is just one of multiple options now available. Buying any gearbox in preowned condition is relatively simple although some distributors are not carrying the optional assemblies now featured at most dealerships.

Aside from an automatic 5-speed, the updated 6-speed and the newer ZF 9-speed transmission can be ordered through this website for a price level that is well below regular MSRP. The care taken is taken during the actual production of a gearbox is similar to the reviews that are completed when older transmissions are acquired for sale at PreownedTransmissions.com. Each unit is heavily checked out for known issues and certified by experts.

No Hassle Pilot AWD Transmission Warranty

Where many sellers of used transmissions on the web fail is in the long-term care department. Once a transaction is processed, most sellers forget about what is means to manage customer service. A person who experiences a Honda Pilot transmission problem receives the coverage supplied in the free warranties included at the point of purchase. This is an additional incentive for American car parts buyers who choose this Honda parts resource.

How to Buy Used Honda Pilot Transmissions

Quotes are very first point of contact for many components purchasers using this website. A detailed quote that is easy to obtain using the inventory locator tool on this page features the free shipping and free warranty service that is available for every single 5-speed or higher preowned transmission for sale.