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Used Mini Cooper Transmission

A great engine is usually paired along with a great gearbox. What BMW helped create in the early 2000s was a successful partnership with 1.6L engines and a series of transmissions for the Mini Cooper. Any person who purchased an S or other series Mini knows the performance that the gearboxes provided. The PreownedTransmissions.com company sells used Mini Cooper transmission assemblies for a seriously low price.

Did you know that the Mini uses several gearboxes? The new vehicles produced have switched to a paddle-shift design. This is standard on most BMW vehicles although was a first for the Mini when it was introduced. The six-speed automatic is one type of unit that is found in the late model production of vehicles paired with the 1.6L motor. Other transmissions like the numerous CVT editions were equally used.

Mini Cooper S Transmission Types

The early 2000s series Cooper vehicles featured the manual transmission. This was carried over from the original British design. These were either a five-speed or a six-speed edition. The ID tags were often different and it does take some work to identify the correct Mini Cooper transmission in a particular vehicle. The S vehicles and other limited edition trims were consistent with using both manual and automatic assemblies.

A limited slip differential was part of the powertrain on some types of S gearboxes. This configuration was quite popular during the early years before the CVT gearbox was commonplace in the Mini. Most of the LSD enabled vehicles made use of the six-speed editions to take full advantage of the AWD that was possible with the differential system in place. Consumers who are buying transmissions to fix a problem can rest easily knowing about the inventory on this auto parts resource.

Recycled Gearboxes for Mini Cars

Auto recyclers now exist in the auto industry. These companies are starting to supply foreign and domestic components that are lower priced than a new edition. What recycling offers to the transmission industry is a good way to find an appropriate gearbox. One strategy used by the PreownedTransmissions.com company is to build a network of recycling companies to offer the highest quality builds possible for used condition inventory.

Where to Purchase Used Mini Gearboxes

There are no lines to wait in when a person shops for auto parts online. One click of the mouse makes it very easy to get the part that is needed. The same approach is found on this website. All used transmissions for sale are priced to sell immediately. The price tags are given out through the independent quotes system. What the system requires is a year and make of a Mini transmission or other type that is available for shipment.

Someone ready to make an Internet purchase of a gearbox who has questions will always receive immediate answers using the toll-free phone number supplied. Prices for preowned BMW transmissions that fit nicely into Mini Cooper vehicles are distributed by phone. This creates an easy workaround for replacing any worn out gearbox for an S or other brand Mini in the USA.