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Used NSG370 Transmission for Sale

The NSG370 is a fully equipped manual transmission that is for sale here online. This is a German built assembly. It was added to the Chrysler company as a primary 6-speed in 2005. The casing is made out of aluminum to make it lighter and easier to remove. PreownedTransmissions.com has a used NSG370 transmission for sale among the manual shift inventory that is offered here.

10 Spline or 23 Spline

There are two sizes that automakers rely on in terms of the spline connection. Jeep vehicles use the 23 spline while Mercedes and other brands have the 10 spline shaft. The 6-gear 370 is equipped for use with V6 motors. It is pretty common to find it being used behind the NP231 transfer case and other models.

The following is a list of compatible vehicles that can accept the used NSG370 gearboxes we sell:


As the first and only 6-speed manual found in Jeep vehicles, the market is still widening for this assembly. People who appreciate hands-on shifting likely already own this unit. It is very different compared to the automatic variations found in SUV vehicles.

Three-Year Parts Warranty

Even though we retail second hand assemblies, coverage still comes in the form of a warranty here. We trust that our suppliers do us right when we order products. We do the very same to our consumers who trust us. We let them know that we protect the factory OEM parts for up to three years after purchase.

This is much longer and better than the generic auction site warranties of 30 days. Nearly anything can go wrong on the road or off-road with a modern gearbox. It makes a lot of sense and it just good human nature to supply a fully documented warranty policy.

Prices for Used Transmissions

The incorporation of a price location system is what makes our website special. You can call us on the phone or you can just use technology to your advantage. We ask for you e-mail address to distribute a price quote to you online. We do generate the numbers for you, but you can always check your e-mail and get the same data.

Review what our second hand products cost. We guarantee that the springs, gaskets and brake bands are all in tact. No leaks are found in the housing. The unit is ready to drop in when you get it delivered. Take a moment and request your accurate price quote. You will then get to call our staff and begin the steps to process your order.