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V161 Transmission for Sale

The V161 is a performance transmissions typically for sale by Getrag. You can order these used right here online. First built in 1996, this six-speed gearbox was placed into the higher geared Toyota Supra cars. While its final year of use was 2002, people can still buy a V161 transmission for sale through portals like our website.

The engine size mixed with a properly geared transmission is what produces top speeds in vehicles. Supra owners known that depending on which Toyota partner built the vehicle the components might change. The V160 is almost the same as the V161, but the difference is in the gear ratios.

Here at PreownedTransmissions.com, you can find a good price for every one of the Getrag V161 transmission for sale units we supply. These are imports and are harder to find in regular parts stores. Our mixed inventory of USDM and traditional Japanese components makes us a wise choice to consider.

You always get a warranty when you use our website to order. You are given a price quote first to let you decide if you are indeed a cheaper place to purchase. Once you review our details, you can begin the order checkout procedure. The warranty is inline to last for around three years of regular usage.

The used Toyota transmissions that we supply are automatic and are manual. We know that fixing up a vehicle or building your own tuner car is an important job. Just trying to identify the casting numbers and stamps is quite a job. Our team has already cataloged the right numbers into our computer.

When you use this website you can get a total price on the main assembly. It includes a torque converter and any accessories that are factory installed. You are not paying for just the housing. We sell thousands of gearboxes every year to people just like you.

Getrag and other popular name brands are featured in our standard shift and automatic inventory here. Look up the price here any time. The year of manufacture and the type of motor that you are using in your supped up vehicle should be entered. Then you can proceed with your order placement.