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W5A580 Transmission for Sale

Chrysler built the W5A580 transmission in the U.S. while marketing the Mercedes cars. With a torque management system, the use of the ECM module was a first. While some people refer to the 5-speed as the 5G-Tronic, a W5A580 transmission for sale can be ordered on this website. This inventory is preowned.

NAG1 Gearbox Specs

The internal family name for the W5-series transmissions was NAG1. This is an acronym for New Automatic Gearbox 1st Generation. This was the easiest way to identify the 5-speed automatic. In Mercedes cars built after Chrysler ownership, the 5G-Tronic series was marketed.

A command valve module is found in the W5A580. This is coupled with the solenoid switches that work directly with the torque converter. Pressure was controlled through a hydraulic process. A speed shift technology upgrade can be found on later built 5-gear editions.

The strength of the W5A80 five-speed automatic transmission is in the shifting pattern. An easy transition from gear to gear was possible. This was different from the TorqueFlite and other assemblies built at Chrysler automotive factories worldwide.

Used Chrysler Transmissions Warranty

The word second hand does not identify a bad gearbox. Because problems come from abuse or misuse, it is acceptable to purchase a preowned transmission from a reputable source. The products that are made available to purchasers in the U.S. and Canada on this website have warranties.

The standard format for protecting parts has been 90 days at most places. To up the worth of the policies, a two-year plan is available here. This applies to any of the NAGI builds that are available in salvage format for sale. The entire plan for providing no-charge replacement parts was put into action in 2008.

Buy NAGI Automatic 5-Speeds

The theory for most consumers is that it takes too long to review a price quote. Some companies do not provide a real time service for discount exploration. PreownedTransmissions.com has an established system for the public here. The large fleet of distributors that do the actual shipping are viewed prior to ordering.

Anything that is in stock is viewable. The terms of warranty, mileage and other necessary data is supplied. This is all the result of the online database. Should someone need personal assistance, a quick call to an expert will solve any issues. There is a number available on every page that promotes this service.