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Y21 Transmission for Sale

Your B series Honda engine can use the Y21 transmission we have for sale here. These assemblies are hydraulic controlled. They are not the cable type found in some JDM vehicles. The B16 series blocks were meant for power. Part of this performance is relegated to the gearbox. Buy a Y21 transmission for sale at a low price here.

S80 or Y21

You might be looking for the S80. Some people confuse this with the Y-series transmission. You can tell the difference by reviewing the rear axle shaft. You will see the limited slip differential on the S80 series. All of the USDM models of the Y21 gearbox are non-limited slip. The shaft will not be hollow.

Del Sol and Civic couple were two vehicles that had the non-LSD gearboxes installed. The production in Honda factories between 1992 through 2001 helped out out a lot of good components. You can still buy a used assembly to save some extra cash. What we retail for people here is an OEM assembly right out of a Honda junk yard.

Warranty for Honda Gearboxes

We never retail anything that does not protect the gears and internal parts. The housing can rust, but it can be cleaned off. This is generally not a warranty problem. What we offer to the public is our full warranty support program. A three-year plan is tied to all parts that are installed on the assemblies that leave our warehouse.

We feel this is a better way to treat the public. The B16 motors are performance series that require a working drivetrain. We inspect or our partners inspect what is going to be retailed here. After a determination is completed, only then will be put a unit into our warehouse that will be shipped in the USA or Canada.

Used Y21 Honda Transmissions

The full price that you pay includes freight if you are shipping to a business. This is a real price saver. The warranty is calculated into the total that you can view on this page. Go into the parts pricing tool at the top of this text to get started. We do need the make and the year your vehicle was produced. We use this data to get started.

Once we have distributed our pricing, you can begin the order checkout procedure. You quote will obtain all of the essential details you need from us. If you want to, do a quick check with five other companies to find out which one is cheaper. In almost every case, we have the best price structure around. Call our staff and get your order processed. You will be happy you found our company.