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Used ZF8HP70 Transmission

The ZF8HP70 automatic transmission was used by BMW for the first time in the 2008 year. Several variants were produced by domestic and import automakers. The installations in luxury motor vehicles have continued due to the reliability of this assembly. Anyone looking for a used ZF8HP70 transmission can find quality inventory to buy at PreownedTransmissions.com.

The ZF Friedrichshafen company builds the ZF8 series in Germany. Companies like Chrysler have been utilizing this gearbox since the year 2012. Since it is one of the largest assemblies available for passenger cars, it is most commonly associated with a V6 or a V8 engine. The supply of all builds that exist on this website are ready for immediate daily shipment.

8HP 8-Speed Specs

The decision to replace the famed ZF 6-speed was made to ensure stability in the auto industry. Vehicles that are higher gross weight are now regularly manufactured. Due to the heavy torque needs, it was essential to improve the way that an automatic transmission works. Adding the extra two gears is meant to provide a more fluid shifting pattern.

There are clutch packs that have been added into the casing of the ZF8HP70 transmission. Each of these has a specific planetary gear set. There are two brake bands for the series of clutches. For the most part, there is a clean track record of performance with the used ZF transmissions that are retailed here online.

Salvage ZF8HP70 Gearbox

The ability to downshift and not grind gears is another attribute of the ZF assemblies. Everything that appears here is from a salvage yard. Since what we have is fairly new, there is a lesser amount of usage. The casings are clean. The gears are not bent. The right fluid has maintained lubrication. The use with hybrid vehicles is a plus for the second hand ZF8HP70 units that are on sale here.

An excellent plan of warranty coverage is part of our offerings. These are covered under a standard term that can last up to three years. The extended use of a unit after it has been dropped in to a vehicle means a lot. No one has to mess with local repair shops unless a major OEM part is defective.

Buy ZF8HP70 Transmissions for Sale

Take a look at our full price list on the site. It happens when our database is entered into. Just by typing in the automobile year and make, the discount pricing is given out. There is no need to use a tag ID or other special number. Let our computer do the hard stuff. For delivery to a commercial address, the freight fees are always waived. It is much cheaper when a national resource offers such great deals on recycled 8-speed transmission inventory.